Bhang Bar x Blues Brothers [H] Vegan Fried Chicken & Cola Dark Chocolate Bar 100mg

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Dive into the flavors of this unique cannabis-infused vegan dark chocolate. Our master chocolatier covered crispy corn flakes in a bittersweet blend of 58% cacao dark chocolate to delight your taste buds with the perfect melody of salty and sweet.

Bhang’s first time collab with legendary icons The Blues Brothers leads to the rebirth of an iconic classic through cannabis infused chocolate. With bold, rich flavor and a little bit of mystery behind their mission, Bhang x The Blues Brothers are bringing in a whole new meaning behind the experience of getting high.

Inspired by two brothers who are on a mission to fight for what matters most to them, this collaboration aims to resurface the stories behind what makes you feel deeply rooted to your core and community. To open your mind to the experiences that shape you, discover the things in life that define you, and do what you’re set out to do.

Where will your mission take you?