Beezle Cured Sugar [I] Do-Z-Doz 1g


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Brand: Beezle Extracts

THC: 72%

Effect Type: Indica

Genetics: (Undisclosed)

Most of our cured resins get whipped into budders but occasionally, we get material high enough in cannabinoids that it lends itself to producing cured resin sugar. This Do-z-Dos is a great example. The aroma is vibrant and fruity with a little sweet funk to it. Consumers looking for the most bang for their buck in terms of potency and flavor, are sure to be satisfied with this option. In terms, of effect, we’d recommend this strain for some evening relaxation as it does result in a heavy body melting sensation.

About Beezle Cured Resins:

As an alternative to live resins, we also offer a full line of cured resin products. As newly-harvested plant material is dried and cured, the terpene content changes chemically and physically as the more volatile compounds evaporate off. This mellowing process is similar to letting a wine or whiskey age, bringing out a softer character that can at times be more interesting. Cured resin products also tend to test higher for cannabinoid content, as live resin has a higher percentage of other compounds including terpenes in its mix — so those looking for an extra kick of potency may find that they prefer cured products.