Almora Farm SunLive Resin Cartridge [H] Gush Mintz 1g


From California’s trusted cannabis flower brand comes Sun Live by Almora, a 100% Live Resin 1g cartridge. Always farmed in the sun and with love, Sun Live cannabis plants are flash-frozen at the perfect point of maturity to preserve the entire plant terpenoid, flavonoid and cannabinoid profile. The result is artfully crafted 100% Live Resin extract, never refined, for the best possible vaping experience.

Sweet fruit? Check. Cool mint? Also check. Gush Mintz packs a lot of flavor into a relaxing, balanced high. This is a hybrid that’s great for the end of your day, perfect for unwinding and chilling on the couch. While some users report a bit of sleepiness, others report a pleasant degree of awareness and lucidity. However you enjoy Gush Mintz, just make sure you’re comfy.

Strain Type: Hybrid

Taste Profile: Sweet, Fruity, Mint

Effect Profile: Happy, Relaxed, Balanced

Lineage: Cross between Gushers and Kush Mints