Almora Farm Live Rosin [H] Gush Mintz 1g


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Brand: Almora Farm

THC: 75%

Effect Type: Hybrid

Almora Solventless Live Rosin Concentrate is a single-origin, single-harvest rosin, brought to you by California’s most trusted sun-grown flower brand. High quality cannabis buds are flash-frozen and bathed in ice water to gently separate trichome heads, delivering incredible terpene profiles and powerful cannabinoids for the truest expression of the flower.


Sweet fruit? Check. Cool mint? Also check. Gush Mints packs a lot of flavor into a relaxing, balanced high. This is a hybrid that’s great for the end of your day, perfect for unwinding and chilling on the couch. While some users report a bit of sleepiness, others report a pleasant degree of awareness and lucidity. However you enjoy Gush Mints, just make sure you’re comfy.


Strain Type: Hybrid

Taste Profile: Sweet, Fruity, Mint

Effect Profile: Happy, Relaxed, Balanced

Lineage: Cross between Gushers and Kush Mints