Almora Farm Preroll Pack [H] Fiancee 7g 14pk


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Brand: Almora Farm

THC: 17%

Effect Type: Hybrid

With Almora Pre-Rolls, you’re getting the same values that have driven Almora from the start: Genetics, Cultivation, Commitment, and Love. We love and respect each of our plants, and even provide airtight packaging for a safe journey from farm to customer.

Say “I do” to a sweet indica that’ll leave you blissed out and ready for bed. Fiancee is a tasty mix of vanilla and earth, and the high is even sweeter: Euphoric brain, relaxed body, and blissful couch-lock to keep you perfectly happy, ‘til sleep do you part.

Strain Type: Hybrid

Taste Profile: Vanilla, Sweet, Earth

Effect Profile: Relaxed, Sedated, Happy

Lineage: Cross between Wedding Cake and Mendo Breath