Almora Farm Live Rosin [S] Chem Dawg 1g


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Almora Solventless Live Rosin Concentrate is a single-origin, single-harvest rosin, brought to you by California’s most trusted sun-grown flower brand. High quality cannabis buds are flash-frozen and bathed in ice water to gently separate trichome heads, delivering incredible terpene profiles and powerful cannabinoids for the truest expression of the flower.


The origins of Chemdawg have always been subject to scrutiny and debate, but the flavor and effects of this well-known hybrid leave no questions. Expect a heavy-bodied and VERY potent high that hits hard and hits fast, great for chatting with friends on a lazy afternoon. Chemdawg has a fuel-y, earthy aroma and flavor profile, but after a deep breath you probably won’t be paying attention to the taste too much.


Strain Type: Sativa

Taste Profile: Earthy, Fuel, Chemical

Effect Profile: Happy, Relaxed, Thoughtful

Lineage: Exact origins unknown