Allswell Preroll Pack [I] Beach Gorilla 10ct 5g

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Marked by its body-melting effects, Beach Gorilla brings on the sunny vibes when rest just won’t come easily. As your worries drift off into the sunset, allowing you to find peace, your body will gradually dip into a state of deep physical relaxation. And if you like sharp yet smooth flavors, roll these buds into a solo joint and let the good times roll. — You May Feel: Relaxed, Heavy, Euphoric Tasting Notes: Diesel, Chocolate, Pine

We keep our prices low because we believe the benefits of cannabis should be a right, not a luxury.

Our products are made from high-quality cannabis which means more terpenes and fuller spectrum cannabinoid profiles which in turn means more effective products.

We focus on keeping things simple and consistent. You don’t need to be a cannabis veteran to find the relief you’re looking for and you always know what to expect from Allswell.