We’re thrilled to announce that the Little Trees Garden is officially the first permitted cannabis cultivation licensee of Calaveras County!

Yep, that means that the first (and only, so far) Calaveras cultivator is located on the 2nd story of a professional office zoned business.

How is that possible?!

Well, despite the “ban” ordinance recklessly imposed by a backwards-thinking former Board of Supervisors last year, the ordinance governing retailers in Calaveras is a separate one entirely. Written all the way back in 2005, it specifically allows a dispensary to cultivate 6 plants per patient (lol! we have thousands of patients!) on-site — on the same premises as the store. That didn’t mean it was a cinch to get licensed, however – most, if not all, of the state officials we worked with in recent months weren’t aware of the separate ordinance, and we had many back and forth conversations to get the confusion sorted out!

We’re excited to be a part of this crazy time in California history as the cannabis industry transforms itself and comes into the light. It’s not easy, but we think it will be worth it – and we look forward to the day that the rest of the Calaveras growers can join us. ????