In the midst of the chaos, we’re excited to announce that Calaveras County is FINALLY updating the dispensary ordinance…

This new ordinance contains language to allow ADULT USE SALES in Calaveras County!

Next Thursday, March 26th, the Planning Commission will take up our issue for the first time since 2017.

Right now, Calaveras residents (and visitors) are forced to spend money on a “medical card” just for something like a minor sprain, PMS, Monday blues, temporary insomnia, or the countless other reasons that adults might choose to use cannabis that fall in between the definition of “recreational” and “medical” (social isolation anxiety, anyone?).

Especially now, we need to give our community members safer, more local access to cannabis – and remove the high-cost barrier that comes along with forcing the travesty of medical-only.

Not to mention, the ever-increasing amount of Adult Use dispensaries in the valley and other nearby areas are crippling our small business.

We’ll be blunt: other counties have BANNED dispensaries in part due to lack of public comment in favor. We need your support to help us stay open!

The Board of Supervisors STRONGLY DISCOURAGES the public from attending meetings while the Coronavirus remains a threat. Instead, PLEASE watch or listen to the live stream!

Click here on Thursday 3/26 9am

Public comments are still both welcome and VITAL to ensuring that the bansters don’t drown out the voice of reason – and you know they’re going to try.
Please click here to email the commission BEFORE MONDAY 3/23 4PM

Your comments will be added to the official record.

If you’re watching on Thursday and want to comment as our issue is being heard – you’re not out of time! Fill out the Feedback Form with 250 words or less and it will be read aloud in the meeting.

If you attend the Planning Commission meeting in person, you will be required to maintain appropriate social distancing, i.e. maintain at least a 6-foot distance between yourself and other individuals.

Thank you for your support, we can’t do this without you!

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