Ready or not, the holidays are here! ‘Tis the season to enjoy great food, friends and fam. The Lit Fam’s got you covered! Spend the Thanksgiving weekend right by stopping in to Little Trees on 🌲 BLACK FRIDAY 🌲 November 29th! Whether you’ve got family taking over the house, or you’re taking it easy this year, a little greenery (or a medicated edible!) is sure to pair wonderfully with your plans.

Black Friday Deals

Little Trees House Prerolls: BOGO $1 (up to FIVE for $1) (That’s 10 prerolls for $30! What!)

Little Trees Purple Punch 8ths: NEW PRICE! Now $25 – and BOGO $1! (Limit 2 for $1) (That’s a half oz for $52!)

Korova Vape: Buy 2 cartridges, get 1 (Gelato) for $4.20

Flow Kana Grams BOGO $1 limit 2/$1

California Dreamin’ Single Dose Sparkling Juices and Sodas BOGO $1 limit 2/$1

Blank Brand, Garden Society and Original Pot Co. 10mg Chocolates and Cookies BOGO $1 limit 2/$1

No Limit BOGO $1’s:

Space Coyote Hash Prerolls: Banana OG and Sunset Sherbet

Kikoko Single Teas

Kikoko Honey Shots: Snooze w/CBN and Focus w/CBD

All deals valid in store and delivery! No online ordering: our online store is being overhauled and will be back soon. Call us at 209-890-3647 before 2pm!