UPDATE: WE ARE NOW PICKUP OR DELIVERY ONLY! Please call or place your order online before arriving. Delivery is best!

We’ve got new hours, new delivery details, a BUNCH of super-sanitary Coronavirus-battling practices, and adult-use/recreational sales information to share with you – this is a big post!

This is a very temporary measure to help us best serve you during the health crisis.

Mornings: 10a Dispatch* | Afternoons: 2p Dispatch

Beginning Wednesday 3/25, catch the Morning Shift and get an earlier home delivery.
– Place your order between 2pm the day before and 9:45am the day of that you wish to receive it.
– We highly recommend placing your order online 🙂
We are rolling out this service on a necessary + experimental basis – bear with us!

*Note: At this time, we are not able to deliver to Groveland or Mi-Wuk on the Morning Shift. Thank you for your understanding!

Delivery a No-Go?
Order online or by phone for the speediest way to get your medicine. Let us know how you’re paying: if with cash, you can call us from the parking lot and we’ll run down with your bag and change required (or you can pick up in store). If using debit, we have reserved one register in the budroom specifically for pickups. You can be in and out with your order in 30 seconds using our cashless ATM with chip reader. $3.95 processing fee applies for debit transactions.

We are taking COVID-19 seriously.

As a medical cannabis dispensary, we recognize that many who utilize our services are elderly and/or immunocompromised and at risk of suffering greatly from the novel coronavirus. This isn’t a joke. It’s not being overblown.

After Governor Newsom’s Shelter In Place order was announced on 3/19,we received confirmation from Calaveras officials that medical dispensaries are classified under the Healthcare Essential Services Sector.

We are remaining open because patients need their medicine.

But we want everyone to know: we’re doing everything we can think of to keep you safe.

– We have put up signs throughout the store to ask members not to touch cases, counters, etc. Blue tape markings on the floor maintain 6 feet of social distancing at all times. We’ve removed all common items like flyers, water cups, etc from the lobby. It goes without saying that our “smeller” jars for flower have also been removed.

– Groups of customers are discouraged – only those intending to make a purchase should come inside the store at this time.

– Our waiting area has been reduced to half capacity. If all seats are taken (which is unlikely), we will have to ask you to wait outside or in your car until room is available.

– Budtenders wear sterile gloves for each transaction.

– Our new cashless ATM terminals with chip allow you to complete your transaction without handing over your card. $3.95 processing fee applies

– Delivery: drivers wear a new pair of sterile gloves for each order and also sanitize their space with disinfecting wipes after every stop.

– Delivery: Current members who wish can request a “no-contact” delivery. New patients will need to show us their ID through the window, etc before we can drop your order.

If our situation changes, we will update immediately via text.
Don’t get our texts? Sign up here.

No Product Shortages On The Horizon!

We do NOT anticipate product shortages. Our distributors have confirmed that they’re doing everything they can to ensure supplies remain normal – and perhaps even increase – in order to sustain consumer demand. Having said that, we view “overstocking” practices unfavorably and reserve the right to deny or reduce abnormally large orders as we feel necessary.

Once again thank you for supporting us and going along with our measures to prevent the spread of this virus. It takes the teamwork of us all to make a difference here! Stay safe and stay lit fam 🙂

Recreational / Adult-Use is coming to Little Trees

We still need support from the community, it’s not a done deal yet!

Click here to read all about it.