The Infamous Little Trees SPOOKY SALE is TOMORROW!!! 4/20 was cancelled, but Halloween remains undead. Here’s all the info you need to participate in a fun AND SAFE way!

This event is SOCIALLY DISTANCED. Due to Covid-19 we are implementing a new waiting system. PLEASE CONSIDER YOUR GROUP SIZE! 3 persons at a time MAX are allowed, *per register*, in the retail area.  Larger groups must be split up, and the wait time will increase accordingly. If the lobby is full when you arrive (or if you arrive right at 9 am, as we expect our biggest rush at that time), Security will put you on the waiting list. You will wait IN YOUR VEHICLE until your number is called over our temporary FM radio station – you’ll also get a text if you have cell service! You can check in with Security periodically to find out where you’re at in the list, but we don’t think the waits will be too long.

Bring a NON-PERISHABLE food item for the Resource Connection Food Bank! Present your donation to Savanna for a Trick or Treat ticket – she’ll be at a table at the top of the stairs. Then give that ticket to your budtender for a $1 Goodie Bag!  We won’t say what’s inside, but we think you’ll be glad at what you find: cannabis, swag, and a mystery prize!

In addition to 20% off + loyalty points stacking,

here’s a list of more spooktastic deals in store for you!  

*All brand-specific deals are limited to one per person and are in limited quantities – first come first served!


Wyld gummies: BOGO $.01

Rove: BOGO $.01 (half gram)

Flow Kana: Buy any 8th, get a preroll for $.01

Emerald Sky: Buy any full size Emerald Sky edible, get a Halloween PB cups 3pack for $3

Sublime: Buy any Sublime cartridge, get a FREE Sneaker2.0  battery

Kanha Gummies: free swag w/purchase

Raw Garden: free swag w/purchase


Place a Pickup or Delivery order!  Online ordering opens 8am. Place your order in advance or right from the parking lot – we’ve got free Wifi!  (Be prepared for a hold if you need to order by phone). We will try to have pickup orders filled within 10 minutes. Let Security know you’ve got an order in when you arrive, and he’ll direct you to either head in-store or chill in your vehicle for curbside service. Make sure you bring a food donation to redeem your treat bag!

But wait – there’s more! Show your store receipt to Savanna on your way out and she’ll enter you into our Halloween Raffle!!!

First prize: RYOT Lock-R Box all-in-one smoking station ($250 value) plus a Little Trees shirt, hat, and water bottle

Second prize: $150 gift certificate to SNAC

Third prize: $50 gift certificate to Snowshoe Brewing Co

Winner will be drawn after closing and notified 11/1.

Food donations will be sanitized and dropped off to the Resource Connection on Monday 11/2