Hey there, Calaveras Little Trees Family! 💚

We’re so excited to share with you our incredible 4/20 deals, specially crafted for our amazing customers like YOU! 😃 Your continued love and support mean the world to us, and we can’t wait to treat you to some fabulous offers on this fun holiday. 🎁

All deals are subject to CA state limits. We will modify any online order placed that exceeds the limits.
Age 21+ without a medical recommendation: 1oz flower + 8 grams concentrate total, per day.
Age 18+ with a medical recommendation: 8oz of flower/concentrate.

All deals are limit 1 each per customer (yes! you can get 1 of every deal if you choose!) while supplies last! Any remaining BOGOs will continue through the weekend, so check back if you can’t make it on 4/20. Pickup orders must be picked up on 4/20.

🎊 Here’s what’s in store for you on 4/20: 🎊

🔥 20% off EVERYTHING in the store💰 
Stack the 20% discount with any available loyalty points

🚀 First 100 customers get a 42% THC 1.2g Kush Boys Hashrollfor just a penny!

Pick one additional gift for a penny:

– 1g Hush Vape Cartridge 🌬️
– 1/8th Burr’s Place flower 🌺
– Emerald Sky Peanut Butter Cups 100mg

(subject to change at any time)

On top of the penny hashroll and one of the previous gifts, every customer can choose ANY or ALL of the following deals:

Wyld Gummies: Buy 2 gummies, get 1 for a penny 🍬
(Crafted with real fruit and all-natural flavors, Wyld Gummies deliver a deliciously uplifting experience.)

Jeeter: Buy any Jeeter product, get a Jeeter preroll for a penny 🌿
(Jeeter offers high-quality, innovative cannabis products for your enjoyment.)

Surplus: Buy 1 cartridge, get 1 for a penny 💨
(Surplus cartridges are made with exceptional purity and potency for a superior vaping experience.)

Maven: Buy any Maven product, get a gram of flower for a penny 🌸
(Maven provides top-shelf cannabis, thoughtfully curated for the modern connoisseur.)

Proof Extracts: Buy any Proof Extracts product, get a (correction!) 30mg Super Wow tincture for a penny 🌟
(Proof Extracts delivers clean, consistent, and affordable cannabis products.)

STIIIZY: Buy 2, get 1 for a penny 🚀
(STIIIZY offers premium, innovative, and discreet cannabis options for the modern user.)

Raw Garden: Buy 2 , Get 1 for a penny 🍃
(Raw Garden creates pure, high-quality cannabis products that elevate your experience.)

Locals Only: Get a 1g concentrate for a penny with any Locals Only (correction!) purchase (super limited, will sell out quick!) 🏃‍♂️
(Locals Only crafts artisanal cannabis concentrates, offering a truly unique experience.)

Mark your calendars for 4/20, and come join us for a fantastic day of amazing deals at Calaveras Little Trees! 🌳 We can’t wait to see you there! 💚

Stay lifted,
The Calaveras Little Trees Team